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Annie Caswell

The was amazing. A weekend unplugged and tuned into my body, mind and spirit. I felt inspired and refreshed. My Spirit Doll Workshop was as usual a deep experience. You see for yourself the amazing works these ladies did in just 1.5 hours! I only included a few examples.

I processed my garlic and it looks like I need todouble the planting this fall, it’s going quick. My garden grew the tallest and most plentiful sunflower I have ever seen. It made me WOW.!

I am busy with my position at the Howard Center as a Living Skills Specialist with adults with physical, mental challenges .

The UVM Pain clinic started and I am involved for 11 weeks now. Going to check out some new modalities to see if they help. Fibromyalsia is not fun but I am continuing onward.

No summer is complete without tubing on the White River in Stockbridge. So much fun I highly recommend this next summer. I didn’t risk the camera!

I also finally made it to the Maritime Museum which I also highly recommend if you like to get on the water in any type of craft.

A trip to Glens Falls to see my Aunt who suffered a stroke a year ago and then Marblehead to see my brother and niece.

I entered three pieces into the Champlain Valley Fair and won an honorable mention ribbon for my

Vermont Rocks 2 Painting! See below.

I am currently working on pieces for my November show (Contrast). I am also doing research for my Artist Residency which I will be fundraising for!

Thanks for reading! I know I am a bit behind schedule for once a month, it’s been busy!!

Until September! oh wait it is already, time flies!!



Spirit Doll

Spirit Doll

Spirit Doll

Spirit Doll

Vermont Rocks!

Vermont Rocks!

Vermont Rocks 2.  Funny thing, they spelled my name Cashwell!! haha